Welcome to the Bead Society of the Palm Beaches

The society was formed by a group of fabulous women (who just so happened to be beaders) in 2014 out of a need to build a sense of togetherness among those who have a passion for beading. We invite you to come and share your enthusiasm, talent and creativity.
We will both be glad you did.

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Message from the President

Happy Happy New Year


I can’t believe we are entering our third year for the Bead Society. I am so happy to be returning as your president for another term and hope to keep inspiring and making new friends for all of us to enjoy.


The past two years have been a great success, more than we could have imagined and I would like to thank all the past and present board and committee members for all the hard work and dedication that they have given to the society.


We have some wonderful things planned for the upcoming year starting off with classes from Jacquie Higgins on the 6th, 7th and 8th of January. Jacquie is a new teacher to our area so don’t miss out on her unique style of beading. It’s always fun to learn from a new artist.


For Bead Soup on January 21st we will be working on our owl bags and also a cup chain bracelet. The supply list will be going out shortly for that.


Please bring your owl purses to the meeting on the 5th so we can see all of the progress that we all have been making.


Our Charity Corner has been hard at work and we have given so much away this year to help those in need. We are still looking for suggestions for organizations to help with so let us know if you have something we can help with.

Thank you again for the mountain of toys that you all brought in for the children of Harmony House. Your generosity was overwhelming.


Angela Panna will be a special guest speaker at the meeting talking about round robins and showing all the beautiful jewelry that she has done with her friends. You will be amazed at the beautiful creations they have done.



Laurie Bye – President

Upcoming Workshops

Kinga Nichols Workshops

March 17th-March 19th

Mermaids on Board

2nd Annual Bead-n-Cruise Event

Feb 19-26, 2017



$916.59 per person
$1,833 for two


$995.59 per person
$1,991.18 for two


$1,173.59 per person
$2,347.18 for two


Please Note: Classes and Bead Kit Prices are NOT INCLUDED in the Cruise Package.
They are extra and viewed on the Cruise Page.

Liisa Turunen


Shelley Nybakke

Eleanor Pigman

Amee K. Sweet-McNamara

If you would like to join us on the cruise,
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Lynette Saunders


P: (607) 734-4131
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Please Contact Me to book your Bead Society Cruise.
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