Welcome to the Bead Society of the Palm Beaches

The society was formed by a group of fabulous women (who just so happened to be beaders) in 2014 out of a need to build a sense of togetherness among those who have a passion for beading. We invite you to come and share your enthusiasm, talent and creativity.
We will both be glad you did.

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Whooo Wants to Win a Cruise??????


So this year we are trying something new and we are so excited to announce it. We have started planning our third annual Mermaids on Board Cruise and we have something very special planned for our second meeting of this year.


We will be selling Raffle tickets for $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00.


Sooo you will all have a chance to come aboard with us and have a wonderful beady time. You must be a member to join in on the raffle and hopefully in December at our Holiday Party your name will be drawn to come aboard with us. (If you have already purchased your ticket your money will be refunded to you if you win).


This year is going to be our best so far with more guest teachers, trunk shows, beading and of course making new friends.


Of course in a few weeks we will be boarding the Allure of the seas with four wonderful teachers and so many beaders we will be glitzing the whole ship out.


In March we will be having our garage sale at the show where you can have a table and sell or swap all your beads that you are not using.


To see all the rest of our wonderful events we have planned come and join us at our February meeting on the 2nd.




Laurie Bye – President

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your first two pieces for the finishers club to be photographed.  Take a count of all the pieces you need to finish and let us all know how much you will have finished by the end of the year.


Upcoming Workshops

Kinga Nichols Workshops

March 17th-March 19th

Mermaids on Board

2nd Annual Bead-n-Cruise Event

Feb 19-26, 2017



$916.59 per person
$1,833 for two


$995.59 per person
$1,991.18 for two


$1,173.59 per person
$2,347.18 for two


Please Note: Classes and Bead Kit Prices are NOT INCLUDED in the Cruise Package.
They are extra and viewed on the Cruise Page.

Liisa Turunen


Shelley Nybakke

Eleanor Pigman

Amee K. Sweet-McNamara

If you would like to join us on the cruise,
Please Contact:

Lynette Saunders


P: (607) 734-4131
E: lynette@marktwaintravel.com
W: www.marktwaintravel.com

Please Contact Me to book your Bead Society Cruise.
I look forward to helping you!

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