Welcome to the Bead Society of the Palm Beaches

The society was formed by a group of fabulous women (who just so happened to be beaders) in 2014 out of a need to build a sense of togetherness among those who have a passion for beading. We invite you to come and share your enthusiasm, talent and creativity.
We will both be glad you did.

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Message from the President

Happy Holidays,

Our Meeting last Thursday was such a wonderful success. I just wanted to share what happened with all of you who could not be there.

First of all, this would of never been possible without the help of all the board and committee members past and present. We have all worked very very hard this year to make this wonderful bead society so wonderful and it certainly paid off at our Holiday party. I would like to personally thank all the girls for attending all the meetings and putting up with my never -ending emails and phone calls.

We had a lovely desert buffet after the meeting put on by Marty and the girls from Atlantis Club house that was just delicious. It was the perfect end to the perfect meeting.

Thank you to all the wonderful members of the bead society for all the generous donations of toys for the children of Harmony House a Woman and Children’s Shelter here in West Palm Beach. We never expected so many donations and the children will be so excited to have some gifts to open on Christmas morning.

We also gave them a check for $1,000.00 to help get gifts for the children and Moms that need something.

In October with our Raffle for Breast Cancer $1,200 was raised by our members to go to Sari Center in Mandy Vierk’s name. We also matched that money and sent another $1,200 to the house.

We have a lovely member Jan Sparks who gives a lot to the Bead Society and also another organization called Broward Wildlife Hospital. We donated $1,000.00 to the hospital to help feed and fix all the wild animals that come to them.

We gave $1,000.00 to Joanne’s Cottage where the girls and myself have been working with pregnant homeless teens this year

And finally, we gave $800.00 to Little Smiles, a local organization that helps children with medical care.

So as you can see everyone’s hard work paid off and I could not be happier..


Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season with your families and we will see you all in January.

Laurie Bye – President


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January 6th-January 8th

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Feb 19-26, 2017




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