Should you find it necessary to cancel a workshop you will be assessed a $25.00 fee and refunded the remainder of your monies. Workshops that are cancelled within 7 days of the date of the workshop will not receive a refund unless your spot can be filled by someone else (i.e. someone on a waiting list).

Workshop Etiquette

Thank you for participating in one of the workshops given by the Bead Society of the Palm Beaches.

Please be punctual, as all workshops will begin on time. If you are late be patient with the instructor if they are in the midst of a demonstration or with another student. The instructor will get to you and help you catch up as soon as they are available.

Cell Phones:

Please be respectful of others around you and turn the volume off. If you need to take a call step out of the classroom for your conversations.

If you don’t understand something ask the instructor – they will demonstrate the technique again and talk you through it. There is no such thing as a stupid question – everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way. Don’t ask your neighbor or another student as they also paid for the class and will want to work on their project. Additionally, they may not have the right answer for you.

Equal Opportunity Class:

The instructor will try their best to give equal time to all students. Please remember there are other students who need help – even if they are not especially vocal.

Designs and Projects:

Designs and projects that the instructor teaches in class are for personal use only. The instruction sheets are not meant for copying and distributing to others or for your profit. The work and thought that has gone into them are proprietary.

Inappropriate Behavior at Workshops:

Please keep conversations to a minimum and always keep silent and pay attention when the instructor is speaking. Some people do not do well in noisy environments. Keep your socializing for the lunch hour. Anyone continuously disrupting the class during any of our workshops will receive a written warning and may be barred from taking further workshops should this type of behavior continue after that warning.
No guests are permitted in the classes, if your not participating please do not join in

Thank You