Welcome to the Bead Society of the Palm Beaches

The society was formed by a group of fabulous women (who just so happened to be beaders) in 2014 out of a need to build a sense of togetherness among those who have a passion for beading. We invite you to come and share your enthusiasm, talent and creativity.
We will both be glad you did.

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Message from the President

2019 Seems To Be Whizzing By!


 We are now into our summer break.  We have said our good byes to many of our members that have fled to the north for the summer.  We will miss them.  Don’t despair, while we will not have our regular Thursday meetings in July and August, we will still be hosting bead soup for all of those that remain with us to enjoy.


 It is my sincere hope that you have all enjoyed the little projects we have been sharing at the meetings, as well as, the class workshops and bead soup projects that we have been offering.  As I’m sure you are aware, it is a lot of work to coordinate all of these things & I’d like to give a shout out to the hardworking ladies on the board, along with the helpers they recruit to keep things running smoothly.   


We are always looking for people to share a technique or medium with us.  So many things can be incorporated into our beading to make it fun & unique.  If you have something you want to share, please let us know.


Do you have a friend that may like to join us?  Guests are welcome to come once to either a meeting or Bead Soup, to check us out.


Stay Cool!


Summer Bead Soup

Let’s bead together!!

To combat our growing number of unfinished projects!
Bring your UFO’s

7/20—Bead Soup (9am-2pm) UFO’s

8/17—Bead Soup (9am-2pm) UFO’s

Summer Project


Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, September 14th

Netted Collar

(Another Project by Bronze Pony)

Colorways- Turquoise, Sodalite, Crystal & Pearl
Kit Cost
$50.00 for Crystal
$40.00 all others
Currently a wait list, we will add an additional day if we have enough demand.
Please email to info@beadsocietyofthepalmbeaches.com to be added.
Stay tuned for our next fabulous workshop!!!!!
Dates to Remember

Bead Soup

7/20—Bead Soup (9am-2pm) UFO’s
8/17—Bead Soup (9am-2pm) UFO’s
9/21—Bead Soup (9am-2pm)
10/19—Bead Soup (10am-3pm) Silk Paper Demo & Workshop
11/16—Bead Soup (10am-3pm)

9/5— September Monthly Meeting
10/3—October Monthly Meeting
11/7—November Monthly Meeting
12/5—December Monthly Meeting & Holiday Party (Members Only)

9/14—Netted Collar Workshop

Help Us Fill Our Bling Bottle aka Crystal Container

We’ve starting getting donations of Swarovski Crystals!

Donate those crystals you have leftover from your last project and maybe you’ll win the entire container of beautiful, blingy crystals at the end of the year!

Bring in 3mm and 4 mm Swarovski crystals for our Swarovski Crystal Container which will be raffled off at our Holiday Party in December 2019

10 Crystals = 1 Ticket